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‘Tap In with TT’ is a podcast hosted by the most connected woman in hip-hop, TT Torrez.

As HOT 97’s Vice President of Artist and Label Relations and Music Director, TT Torrez is widely recognized as one of the most powerful women in the hip-hop game. TT oversees what’s in rotation at hip-hop’s longest running radio station, and has unparalleled insight into the industry. Now music fans can ‘Tap In With TT’, as she gets the inside scoop and gains special insight into the worlds of your favorite artists. In each episode, TT is accompanied by HOT 97 on-air personality DJ Bobby Trends, whose groundbreaking career has seen him DJ all over the world, working with legends including Jay-Z and Funk Flex.

New episodes of ‘Tap In with TT’ will be released every Thursday on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, and everywhere podcasts are available.

In addition to her post at New York’s number one hip hop station HOT 97, she also takes her community work seriously, having been a Guest Speakers for “Girls Talk 2016” at Hofstra University, which provided workshops, panels, and classes geared towards women safety and empowerment, and a part of Windows of Hip Hop 2017’s Hip Hop Element Awards, which honored people in music who have promoted the Bronx born phenomena, known as Hip Hop, and advanced the culture forward into the future by instilling in our youth civic mindedness and giving back to the community.

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