February 11, 2019

GAME CHANGERS: TiffanyJ, creator of the Inspirational ‘Super Beauty’ Doll [VIDEO]

Black History Month
GAME CHANGERS: TiffanyJ, creator of the Inspirational ‘Super Beauty’ Doll [VIDEO]

To celebrate Black History Month, Hot 97 is celebrating those who are making a positive impact in our culture today!

In the second episode of Game Changers, get to know TiffanyJ.

The designer and television host is using her story to help bring self-esteem and awareness to young girls by creating a brand new super hero they can look up to. Her name is Super Beauty, who is beating the odds to fight the feelings of insecurities, depression, and bullying.

Part of Super Beauty’s super powers include over 20 positive phrased to help “deflect mental and emotional stresses that affect girls battling bullies and/or depression.”

“I kind of wanted to be somebody I didn’t have growing up, and I wanted to cater to that audience by giving them something to make them feel beautiful, and unique, and special the way they are.”

As a songwriter, and artist she is also using her talents to make some music the younger generation can enjoy. At the end she is “just helping people find their own superpowers, because we all have them we just have to tap into them.”

Visit the Super Beauty website for books, memorbilia, and more!

Watch the second episode of Game Changers below presented by Spectrum!