November 6, 2018

Vote Now: A Message from the Hot 97 Interns [VIDEO]

Vote Now: A Message from the Hot 97 Interns [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot from video


On behalf of the new interns here at Hot 97, we find it very important to vote tomorrow on November 6th …not only because of the current state of our country, but because it is our right as citizens of the United States!


It is important that our voices are heard, especially since we play a huge role in the numbers.  According to reports, only 20 percent of Millennials showed up to the last two midterm elections. Overall, 42 percent of registered Americans came out to vote in the last midterm.


We all have a voice and its time we use it because the decisions made during these elections will affect us for better or for worse. We have the opportunity to vote for candidates that may help us reduce unemployment, better options concerning our health, and equal rights/opportunities. 


It’s time we make a difference and use our voices during these elections by voting now! 


Signed:  Melissa, Johnny, Juwon, Kholani, Jassy, Nicole, and  Ridalby!


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