January 22, 2020

22Gz Drives Drill in #Freestyle142 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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22Gz Drives Drill in #Freestyle142 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Brooklyn Drill… the new sound coming out of NYC.. I don’t know if it’s a phase or locking in but I know it makes them go crazy in the clubs and getting big reactions online and comes with a lot of beef between the artist, and streets have been saying 22Gz got some smoke with him. I really don’t know cause I’m not out there like I used to be.. so that means if I keep hearing his name when it comes to Brooklyn Beef… he’s stirring the pot. I could Def tell he enjoys making trouble as 1st beat he asked for was Fivio’s Big Drip(Fivio was our 1st BK Drill artist up) and I already heard that was his opp.. he did his thing on it tho;

Not gonna front, beef’s or no, boy got talent! S/O to Brooklyn All day!

Comment Corrector:

In the YT comments they’re saying Flex said ‘Woo’ at the end.. aligning it to Pop Smoke’s ‘Woo’ that he says for gang… NOPE, Flex been saying ‘wooo(LF)’ for a really long time, to do with him being called the ‘Big Dog’… y’all little ppl need to stop, And Flex not getting in no body’s street beefs.. we’re a platform.