December 25, 2019

The Complete Christmas Eve Mix 5p – 12a Kool DJ Red Alert DJ Chuck Chillout & Funk Flex [AUDIO]

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The Complete Christmas Eve Mix 5p – 12a Kool DJ Red Alert DJ Chuck Chillout & Funk Flex [AUDIO]

Bruh… I get it if you’re new to the game and have your fav or type of Hip Hop.. especially IF you’re like New New.. But Get to know.. not just your history, but some never heard before behind the scenes stories.. INCREDIBLE.. I’m not even gonna hold you, you want and need this ASAP:


1 Hour Straight of 90’s Music: Coming on with NWA into Onyx and the energy just keeps going from there;


Bro.. this iwhen we got good and street gritty, coming on w/ Wu’s Protect ya Neck, Kool G Rap’s ‘On The Run’, King Jus’ ‘Warriors Drum’(Which was another Staten Island artist in the heat of the Wu era) & ‘Punks Jump Up’ by Brand Nubian sans Grand Puba… Just Listen;


When it went commercial FREE… the education and true history lesson from the guys that was there… Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chillout and Bugsy Buggs along with Funk Flex.. straight Gold in Learning how the Business of Hip Hop Radio that set the foundation that’s lasted to this day;


More of the education of early Hip Hop Radio and exactly how it began.. thanks to Bugsy Buggs coming from the management side, knowing all the players that made and built the blueprint for how we digest hip hop on the radio ‘TO THIS DAY *Donte Wilder Voice* More History than music my have happened this hour.. but y’all NEED THIS!!!:


Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chillout, with Funk Flex, Bugsy Buggs left for xmas eve duties and just in time, although A Mix between History and Music.. We get into it, the Bridge Wars:


Flex Launches into his selection of ‘Break Beats’, now if you don’t know Break Beats preceded ‘Dust Beats and the pool of music that the 80’s & 90’s got their sample selection from to create the Legends you know today, like Kanye, HOV, Rakim and all the top lyricists! The Knowledge dropped in this one was more GOLD!


DJ Chuck Chillout shows us how it was going down in those parks in the BX when ‘Hip Hop’ was getting off the ground amongst the People in our communities, a plethora of what’s known as ‘Dust Busts’.. this is the history!!