Side by side images of Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez
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Tory Lanez Reportedly Shot Megan Thee Stallion Over Kylie Jenner Fight

Tory Lanez may have shot Megan Thee Stallion over a fight about Kylie Jenner, according to reports.

During a recent interview, Adam 22 shares that a few trusted sources informed him that the incident started after Tory was giving Kylie too much attention.

“What I’m hearing, my version that I’ve heard from trusted sources is that Megan and Tory have been f*cking. They’ve been chilling. They go to this house party. Kylie Jenner is there. I heard, depending on who you want to ask, that either Tory was showing too much attention to Kylie Jenner or Kylie Jenner was showing too much attention to Tory. Either way, Meg did not appreciate it. Meg– maybe at this point in her career, has a little bit of an ego, she’s feeling herself and she feels she doesn’t have to deal with any disrespect. Meg was violating his a*s. They got into a fight that was, like, bad. I heard that she was really shitting on him. It was bad.”

At this point, this is all speculation as Megan nor Tory’s team have shared many details surrounding the incident.

We are praying Megan is healing during this time.



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