November 7, 2020

BREAKING: Joe Biden To Be Next President Of The United States

BREAKING: Joe Biden To Be Next President Of The United States

After four days of suspense as the American public awaited results from Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada, former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to have surpassed 270 electoral votes, making him the next 46th President of the United States.

He did so after CNN, and MSNBC projected him the winner of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The third time’s the charm for Biden who formerly ran for President in 1988, and 2008, before doing so again in 2020 after taking some time off after leaving office as President Barack Obama’s Vice President for eight years. He was elected as the sixth youngest senator of all-time after being sworn into his Delaware seat in 1973 at the age of 30-years-old. Biden was sworn in one month after the death of his first wife, and one-year-old daughter in a car accident on December 18.

According to CNN, current President Donald Trump does not intend to concede the race and instead awaits decisions from multiple lawsuits he has opened in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The multiple lawsuits opened within the past couple of days as the nation witnesses the legal counting of votes have overwhelmingly been struck down by the courts.

Not to be overshadowed, is Senator Kamala Harris who will become the first woman, the first person of color, and the first Asian-American to serve as Vice President of the United States. A graduate from Howard University, and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, Harris first ran for president in 2020 and dropped out of the race on December 3, 2019, after claiming a shortage of funds.

The Oakland, California native grabbed the spotlight of many nationally in 2018 for her direct, and tough questioning of eventual Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. Harris previously served as District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004-2011, and Attorney General of California from 2011-2017 before being elected as a senator of California in 2016.

Joe Biden won the election with the most votes of any elected President in the history of elections by accumulating 74 million votes and counting. This number surpasses Barack Obama’s historic count of 69,498,516 in 2008. Although he is not projected to win the 2020 election, Donald Trump will end with the second highest vote total in the history of a presidential election with over 70 million votes and counting.

State electors are scheduled to officially put in their votes for president on December 14. Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.