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February 11, 2020

Gervonta Davis Pled Not Guilty After Viral Video Of Him Grabbing BM By The Neck

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Gervonta Davis Pled Not Guilty After Viral Video Of Him Grabbing BM By The Neck
Photo credit – Bill Tompkins/Getty Images
Gervonta Davis has a legal situation on his hands.
The 25-year-old boxer is fighting a domestic battery criminal charge after a video went viral of him grabbing the mother of his child by the neck.
We covered the story, Gervonta admitted that he was aggressive but claims he would never hurt the mother of his child. He wrote on Instagram, “I never once hit her, yea I was aggressive and told her come on… that’s the mother of my child I would never hurt her other than that happy New Years.. January was trash.”
Gervonta ended up turning himself into Coral Gables Police Department and was arrested on a misdemeanor simple battery domestic violence charge. He was later released after posting a $1,500 bond.
Back in 2017, Gervonta was facing a second-degree assault charge after Gervonta allegedly punched his childhood friend in the side of the head with a gloved fist. Reported on the Baltimore Sun, “Police did not charge Davis. Wheeler pressed charges with the District Court Commissioner on Aug. 3, and a warrant for Davis was served in mid-September. The boxer was released after posting a $100,000 unsecured property bond, according to court records.” The charges were ultimately dropped.
There was another incident in 2018 outside of a Washington D.C lounge that involved Gervonta and another man and there was an alleged altercation/exchange of words. Authorities charged them both and they were given citations.
Gervonta holds the World Boxing Association 130-pound title and his boxing stats are 23 wins, 0 losses with 22 knockouts.