October 20, 2020

Lil Wayne Reveals His Top 5 Rapper’s List

Lil Wayne Reveals His Top 5 Rapper’s List

Living legend Lil Wayne revealed his top five favorite rappers of all time!

Weezy appeared on DJ Khaled’s new podcast on Amazon called, The First One. During the segment, Lil Wayne shared his top five rappers of all-time list. Lil Wayne first mentioned the legends, Jay-Z and the Notorious B.I.G (RIP). Next, Lil Wayne named N.O.R.E, Cam’Ron, and Missy Elliot. A blog shared the news on Twitter, and Missy responded to the blog with excitement. She said, 

“You never know who you may inspire in life or in what way…This is a list of those who must of impacted Lil Wayne in some way for different reasons Creating his own Masterpieces & becoming LEGENDARY. I’m so HUMBLED.”

Lil Wayne also credited Missy for being one of his biggest influences

Check out the episode: