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August 29, 2023 - Bato

21 Savage Reacts After Woman Grabs His Face While He Was Exiting Concert

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21 Savage Reacts After Woman Grabs His Face While He Was Exiting Concert
According to reports, 21 Savage has been dealing with bad fan encounters at his shows. On Saturday, August 26, while performing with Drake as part of the It’s All A Blur Tour in Seattle, Washington, 21 made his way downstairs and into the crowd. As he walked down, things took a turn after a woman in the crowd grabbed his face. This ultimately provoked 21, resulting in him pushing the fan away and sparking “oh!”s from the audience. Security then stepped in and tried to separate the two, but this wasn’t enough, as she proceeded to reach out her hand and touch his face again while he was walking away. 
21 Savage had a disparate response compared to his touring buddy Drake, who also encountered an overenthusiastic fan. As Drake made his entrance, a woman from the crowd extended her hand and got a hold of Dreezy’s neck, coming into contact with his pricey chain and groomed beard. In a less intense encounter compared to 21, Drake brushed off the incident with a chuckle and casually redirected the fan's hand from his neck. The rapper later took to his Instagram Stories, posting a screenshot of the incident and captioning it, "Dialed In." 
HOT 97 reports Drake, specifically, has experienced a barrage of bras thrown at him during his live shows. The situation escalated when a curvaceous fan managed to secure a modeling opportunity with Playboy. This unique chance arose after she flung her impressive 36G brassiere onto the stage during his recent performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The individual in focus is Veronica Correia, a 21-year-old who even engaged in direct messaging with the head of OVO following the widespread incident.