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June 03, 2022

Kevin Liles Takes The Stand In Young Thug’s Case To Convince A Judge To Grant Bond

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Kevin Liles Takes The Stand In Young Thug’s Case To Convince A Judge To Grant Bond
Young Thug’s bond hearing is today (June 2), and it’s not going as planned.
The hearing was delayed. Prosecutors argued Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel should be removed from the case due to an alleged conflict of interest. As reported on
, prosecutors say Steel “previously represented another defendant in the indictment in an unrelated case; however, Steel disagrees.”
reports Steel is also representing someone from the indictment, which is why there’s a conflict of interest.
Thug’s legal team is trying to get him out on bond. 300 ENT founder Kevin Liles reportedly tearfully took the stand. Kevin advocated for Thug and told the judge how much a good person Thug is. Kevin said,
“I’m kind of emotional because of how good this guy is.” Then Kevin put his entire reputation on the line and told the court, “I’m willing to back him personally and professionally.” He continued,
“This whole thing that people are talking about, it’s not him. The Jeffery I know, he’ll give me the clothes off his back. The Jeffery I know, I can give him my kids, and he’ll give me his kids.”
Steel proposed a bond that consists of:
  • home confinement
  • 24-hour police surveillance
  • drug testing
  • visitors patted down
  • dog searches
  • video footage of the property at all times.
Liles is willing to back the bond conditions financially if Young Thug can’t put up his own money.
Take a look:
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On May 9,
were named in a 56-page indictment for alleged criminal street activity and conspiracy to violate the
. The feds have been investigating them since 2012 and authorities say Thug is the founder and leader of the Young Slime Life gang, which authorities say is a blood affiliate.
Prosecutors also say Thug
, including murder. They accuse him of ordering a
hit on rival Atlanta rapper, YFN Lucci, who
in February.
There was a raid at his home where cops found many drugs and several firearms. As a result, he’s facing seven new charges.
A judge has yet to rule on the bond hearing; we’ll keep you updated.