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May 28, 2022

50 Cent Clowns Fan Who Got A Portrait Tattoo Of Him, 'Who Did This Sh*t'

HOT News
50 Cent Clowns Fan Who Got A Portrait Tattoo Of Him, 'Who Did This Sh*t'
50 Cent is not the one to hold back his opinion on a topic, especially if it's about him.
Fif had the
to a super fan that got a portrait tattoo of him. The
was poorly done; it doesn't resemble 50, more like "40 Cent." The ink starts at the man's shoulder blades and goes down to the lower part of his back. The words "Father and Son" and "50 Cent" are also tatted on the side.
The dedicated fan was seemingly pleased with how the tattoo came out. He shared his
art with his Instagram followers. In the caption, he wrote, "Celebrate ur role models and Show them true love, so that you can also be Celebrate too in future!" he captioned the photo. "Showing true love to my father @50cent (heart emoji) My mentor in the music world."
Fif caught wind and chimed in. He shared the tat on his page and said, "WTF, you go do boy? I need the Best portrait Tattoo artist to fix this. @showyoh237 who did this sh*t man?" Take a look at the tattoo and 50's reaction:
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Surprisingly, the fan
with Fif for his reaction. He was
50 Cent saw it. The
and said, "Ohhh God!!!! G WTF!!!! Can't believed what my eyes are seeing @50cent ma dad and all the way career just posted. I DID ALL THIS FOR LOVE OF THE FATHER AND INSPIRATION U HAVE IMPACTED IN ME. An YESS I'M READY TO FIX THIS ON GAD!"
In other 50 Cent news, his hit series
Power Book III: Raising Kanaan
released a trailer for season two. It's interesting, 50 Cent didn't post about the upcoming season. It's no secret he has his
but according to the IG post on the Starz account, it'll be released on August 14. Check it out:
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