September 5, 2017

50 Cent Sends A BIG Message About ‘Power’ [VIDEO]

50 Cent
50 Cent Sends A BIG Message About ‘Power’ [VIDEO]
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What’s going to happen now?

50 Cent has had a beef with the Starz network for weeks now, and seems to be in a place where it may be difficult to come back.

Following the season finale, the executive producer of the show went onto Instagram to tell folks to cancel Starz. Does that mean that it will air on another station?

Creator of the show Courtney Kemp had a conversation with Deadline in which she loosely addressed the future of the show.

DEADLINE: After the two-season pick-up you got for Power in July last year, this year’s finale and the colliding direction of Season 5, the question is if there is a lot power left in Power — or are you thinking of pulling the plug?

KEMP: That’s up to STARZ, but you know, I think I would like to make some really big moves. The plan is to make some huge moves and some huge cast changes in Season 5, for sure. So the show, at the very least, is going to transform into something slightly different as we go forward.

DEADLINE: A big death is in the offering for Season 5?

KEMP: Look, no one’s been safe on our show for quite some time, but obviously, the main characters have had longer lives. We are reaching the end of this journey, so the main characters are less safe than they have ever been before.

So, of course, it can get worse, because no one’s been caught for anything yet. You know, there’s always another way that things can go badly on Power, but then also there might be some great joy and some great success. People might come out ahead. I don’t know. Maybe two of our characters are going to fall back in love. Who knows?

DEADLINE: And, with that tease, how about you, are you thinking of handing over the showrunning reigns after Season 5?

KEMP: I would love to hand Power over fully, but I think if we’re not going to do too many more seasons, it’s probably best for me to stay on and finish what I started.

I guess we’re just going to wait and see.

See his message below.

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