September 20, 2019

6ix9ine’s Baby Mother Addresses 50 Cent After Comments

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6ix9ine’s Baby Mother Addresses 50 Cent After Comments

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Yesterday (Sept. 19), Tekashi 6ix9ine sat down in a courtroom for a third straight day in which he made headlines by name dropping the likes of Cardi B and Jim Jones while allegeding them to be part of the Bloods gang.

The conversation has been the talk of hip hop at the moment with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Royce Da 5’9 discussing the matter.

As he continues his press run, 50 Cent was once again asked about his thoughts on 6ix9ine’s agreement with the prosecution, and his decision to snitch on others in the hip hop community.

“When you find out that Shotti is sleeping with your baby mother and angry with you enough to kill you. He’s not from that,” he said. “He’s completely alienated. There’s no way out of it. You can sit in jail for the rest of your life or for 20 years of your life, and support and be loyal to guys that were sleeping with your baby’s mother and getting ready to attack your mother. “

6ix9ine’s baby mother Sara Molina had some words to 50 in an Instagram post.

“I do not have any ill feelings towards my daughters father,” she wrote. “There are times as a mother that I am angered for my daughters sake. But as a human I feel sad for him and for what he’s choosing to do when he involved himself in alllllllll of this. I feel sorry for the men as well that made it their job to make sure me and my daughter were fine and protected from the situations that my daughters father created without thinking twice about us. This is sad. This is not entertainment this is peoples lives and this is very much real. I pray for peace, and strength for everyone involved.”

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Meanwhile, #Tekashi69’s baby mama #SaraMolina had a few words for #50Cent and also talked about how his case has affected her and their daughter’s life!! (SWIPE)—(