December 22, 2017

A Break Down of Black Thoughts Funk Flex Freestyle! [VIDEO]

A Break Down of Black Thoughts Funk Flex Freestyle! [VIDEO]
Photo Credit:  HOT 97

“Give me the proper respect, mothafucka’, we back again

For a couple things we lost in a fire

The drive, the desire to perform on a higher plateau

I’m at that show, lost in a mire

Wondering how we got so far from inspired”

Black Thoughts Funk Flex Freestyle will surely go down in history.

After breaking the Internet, and exciting fans and friends all over again, Black Thought accepted the praise and appeared on Fallon to talk about the epic 10 minute freestyle.

Here is a break down of the lyrics for all of the Hip Hop heads who appreciated this freestyle. 


Uh, I’m sorry for your loss

It’s a body dead in the car and it’s probably one of yours

The writing all across the window and the walls

Whether it was true or false, we shouldn’t have got involved

Remember, we walked past the teacher, take the chalk and laugh

We wrote punishments: “I will not talk in class”

Now it’s pistols punishing people for talking fast

And all these innocent bystanders is hauling ass

I hate to say I told y’all, but I told y’all

Things fall apart when the center too weak to hold ya’ll

I’m just collecting what you owed to my old jawn

You ’bout to get swooped down on and stoled on

Fools swear they wise, wise men know they foolish

Well, we was headed for the web even before computers

I never thought you’d give me a reason to do this

Cain and Abel, Jesus and Judas

Caesar and Brutus, I see intruders, avert your eyes

I told you keep out of the hood, circumcise

How could you sleep? I thought you always was the first to rise

Ay, yo, you heard the line, “Everybody plays the fool”?

Well, I’ll be that exception to the rule

The principal that hand-deliver lessons to the school

I was making major moves, my dollar déjà vu

My mission was my ambition was brandishing a tool

To be a’ icon, wearing slippers made of python

Get mine quicker ’cause I’m slick as a pipeline

Transportin’ the oil, tribulation and toil

Hit the operation, but I’m back in the soil

Got my crown tilted, my gown quilted, silk with cashmere

Burning Rome down in a minute, built it last year

Newsflash, I dodged the bullet that killed the cashier

My homie told me to come with him to the masjid

Them brothers said, “Don’t go from written bars filled with rage

To primetime television and your gilded cage

Then forget it’s people in the world still enslaved”

I barbwired my wrist, and let it fill the page

Gun fire n’ flares, sirens glare

I’m in a iron chair where people who care

Don’t get the lion’s share

When I don’t give a fuck, then I ain’t fair

I’m on a higher tier with people gettin’ money like the financier

Cash the herald

I’m fresh chopped, A Bevel

Rap on a doctorate level, so F. Scott Fitzgerald

Maybe I’m the new Rakim, maybe I’m fat Pharaohe

Undergarments or armor be my intimate apparel

Pre-Kardashian Kanye, my rhymeplay immaculate

Same cadence as D.O.C. pre-accident

Maybe, my acumen’s on par with Kool G. Rap and them

Give me the proper respect, mothafucka’, we back again

For a couple things we lost in a fire

The drive, the desire to perform on a higher plateau

I’m at that show, lost in a mire

Wondering how we got so far from inspired

Look, when photos were sepia-toned

And record players were somethin’ you would keep in your home

Yo, the traveler, the meaning of Tariq, he was known

For the exemplary performance, uniquely his own

I made the twenty-one pound for some a newfound religion

Where money’s put down, it’s only one sound that make

OGs and young lions equally proud to listen

The secret amalgamism, a algorithm

Coming from where only kings and crowns permitted the darkness

Where archaeologists found my image in parchment

Rolled into a scroll, holding a message for you

It said, “The only thing for sure is taxes, death, and trouble”

The anomaly sworn solemnly, high snobbidy

Freakonomics and war policy, dichotomy

That’s Heaven and Hades, Tigris and Euphrates

His highness, the apple of the Iris to you ladies

As babies, we went from Similac and Enfamil

To the internet and Fentanyl

When all consent was still against the will

I got that detox for y’all

The microphone doctor, black Deepak Chopra

I’m a griot that make you wanna peacock your arm

Every heavy dignitary paying me top, regards

Boy, I’m three optics far from your binoculars

So, that smart money finna get the heat out the car

Yo, I’m K-Dot Lamar meets 2Pac Shakur

Got profiled by a few cops, too hot to charge

Listen, somebody said a price tag was on a rapper’s head

So we gon’ see a nice bag when the rapper dead

The mask black, the flag green, black, and red

They’ll probably wave a white flag after plasma shed

No doubt, yo, the game went they own route

I can’t explain what these lame kids is talkin’ ’bout

Or how they fit they whole foot into they own mouth

I put a couple bodies in a brown bag, then I’m on route

I’m sneaker shoppin’ with my son, a size 8

Prior to they release, ’cause why wait?

Look, in my estate I got electrified gates

For these blasé guys hating at a high rate

‘Cause I dodged fate then got great, the fly’s straight

If we ain’t family or friends, then we don’t vibrate

And I’m that gun in y’all face, none of y’all safe

If I catch you at the right time in the wrong place, slippin’

Sippin’ on something with a strong taste

Like Whiskey or bootleg Bourbon with a corn base

My Levante resemble a vehicular threat

The mic I spray, resemblin’ the sickle of death

It ain’t strenuous to come from a continuous breath

I set fire to the venue, I’ma spin you and step

Rinse, repeat

You checkin’ for the sound of the beast

I’m the hound, I’ma creep, I get down, I’ma eat

I’ma keep somethin’ to lay a naysayer to sleep

Playin’ with heat, nobody and nothin’ fucking with ‘Riq

Yo, these weaklings is claiming they cutting up in the street

Nigga, peace, you ain’t working with nothin’ but the police

Listen, you ain’t finna be nothing but the deceased

Listen, you in a tournament with a permanent crease

I strike fear in the hearts of rap figures

Who mind bare the stigmas of time, no black privilege

From boom bap niggas to trap niggas

You in the trap with us, when the lines is as

Vivid as the walls on the graph

Autographed by the Lord of Wrath

I reside between the seconds on the chronograph

How much more CB4 can we afford?

It’s like a Shariah Law on “My Cherie Amour”

How much hypocrisy can people possibly endure?

But ain’t nobody working on a cure, my young boul

Y’all just regular, I’m a’ apex predator

Brim stay fresh, feathered up, etcetera

Nevertheless, I got a message and left

One dead messenger, yep

My pen is Henry Kissinger, Buzz Bissinger

Look, my caporegime is to no redeem

And my oldest son Ahmir Saleem out of New Orleans

Took a golf cart to the Baccarat from the Waldorf

What was on the wall? That depend on what you call art

I’ma say 300k ain’t even in the ballpark

I charge more just for awkward small talk

So yes, who’s fucking with it if it’s not the best?

I get the lobby painted fresh upon my request

It’s Kafka-esque, His Holiness, stop the press

That Cobalt blue, reminiscent of Makkaresh

Lord, we got Padma Lakshmi for you

Let her massage your back with black seed oil

The foundation is firm, the flags need soil

Me? I need Royal Tea because I bleed royal

Go through the vein to the brain, fabulous and strange

My journalistic range is a catalyst for change

It got anybody that listen pissin’ flame

And ’cause the Hall of Fame got so many missing names

I’ll acknowledge the original People’s not Oliver

Y’all will get the next challenger for Excalibur

I’m more policed for my core beliefs

They tried to capture me and brand me on the cheek

With a fleur-de-lis

The side of my heart’ll be more discreet

I’m international, my passport page is like War and Peace

I’ve always played my part from the start

Back in Philly where the triggers is mandatory to spark

With a slightest inflammatory remark

I have you enter living a category apart

Listen, a grain of salt’ll tip the scales, it never fails

Walk on egg shells, sleep on a bed of nails

Criminal records like record sales

Making heads or tails

We like Henrietta Lacks up in the cells

My mother was a working class, very loving woman

Who struggled, every dinner could’ve been the last supper

I come home, chasing good-for-nothing half-cousins

And then walk in the crib to the smell of crack cooking

She was introduced to that substance abuse

On some of the strongest drugs that the government produced

Look, I even got excused by the principal

My story is out of the dub dub interview

I’ve seen some ice cold summers, hot winters too

I never thought I’d win Grammy Awards with The Roots

I never thought I would be getting long in the tooth

My OGs told me, ”Boy you better go and live your truth”

I am a walking affirmation, that imagination

And focus and patience gets you closer to your aspiration

And just ’cause they give you shit don’t mean you have to take it

My words capture greatness, sworn affidavits

Yours truly, the celestial being

You stay seeing pulling up in the fresh European

High-stepping out of it, dressed to a T

And not another got more soul, ‘less you Korean

I’ve been having visions of Nat Turner holding his master’s head

Like Yorick and Horatio in Hamlet

Smacking it like a tennis racket, underhanded

Send a message through the Gram: ”The Eagle has landed”

Dressed in a military jacket made of canvas

I am no gorilla, I just make ’em go bananas

Outstanding, red, black, and green bandanas

Cocked hammers, hairs on my chin is outstandin’

Can’t manage the weight of war, they’re just out ballin’

Look, I’ll fall up from the sky to see my calling

I’m not crawling, I’m a free man like Morgan

Seeing manhood in the hood is a damn good bargain

If a black man don’t tap dance

And every girl that got a fat booty don’t lapdance

Well, I guess it’s somethin’ wrong, huh?

Niggas completely uninformed

I don’t burn bridges, yo, I keep the haters’ runnin’ for em’

I ain’t one of y’all peers, I’m the sum of all fears

Somebody stronger than me? Who that? I’m all ears

Like Obama, I wish he had another four years

Y’all some jolly good Hollywood Squares

I’m like, ahem, approach the altar with your offering

I spoil rappers rotten like my only offspring

Being His Excellency gets to be exhausting

You in the residency of the one they call

King Dada, Ali Baba, the talented Mr. Trotter

Inside of my right palm, the mark of the stigmata

Big Poppa, wig chopper, emperor Jaffe Joffer, mufucka’

I’m stronger than the coffee out in Kafa

All y’all niggas vagina hop, remind me of Icona Pop

I step in the booth, I’m a bull inside a China shop, mollywhoppin’

Watch another cotton pickin’ body drop

Every time we rock, yo, they acting like it’s Mardi Gras

‘Til the party stop, skirt off like she that Ferrari drop

Soul Cycle pumping that Earth, Wind and Fire ba-di-ah

Coolin’ ‘pon the dock, à la marina, hard body yacht

You seen another rapper cleaner, mami? Probably not

How it feel to be the best that did it, I admit it

I’m visiting from planet Bring-These-Niggas-Death-In-Minutes

And y’all know I’m exquisite, wicked as Wilson Pickett

The sickness I exhibit, I’m too legit to quit it

I don’t fake it ’til I make it, I take it to the limit and break it

Never timid, what I’m about, I represent it

Infinite just like Chace is, been a million places

Conversation is how beautiful my face is

People hated on how sophisticated my taste is

Then I pulled up on these mothafuckas in a spaceship

Panther mind, I’m made of elements you can’t combine

I’m at a level of intelligence you can’t define

Einstein, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Tesla

Recording artist slash psychology professor

I preach for the East, never fold under pressure

The beast from the East and I glide like Clyde Drexler

Ay, yo, my new name is eighty five X’s

‘Cause I’m the rap game certified specialist

When I was reckless I was worried ’bout the guest list

I’m helping rappers everywhere fulfill a death wish

Yo Flex, I’m glad we made contact

My nigga also know this shit for Combat

Brain matter contain too much data

I tell a story like fingerprints and blood splatta’


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