December 23, 2021

A Fan Chose Dinner With Boosie Over $20,000

A Fan Chose Dinner With Boosie Over $20,000

Boosie wanted to know which fan would rather have dinner with him over receiving $20,000.

Earlier in December, Boosie tweeted, “I GOT A QUESTION FOR YALL LET SEE WHO SMART. DINNER WITH BOOSIE OR 20 THOUSAND? #boosiequestions.” A fan reached out and said, “F*ck 20k! What’s for dinner I’m otw.”

Boosie made the dinner happen. Hip Hop DX points out the user’s name is Allante DeBrill, and he lives in Los Angeles. DeBrill claims after sliding in Boosie’s DM, Boosie asked, “you sure you don’t want the $20,000). Then Boosie flew DeBrill out to his home and made the dinner happen. 

It’s not clear what they ate, but take a look at a screenshot captured by the Say Cheeze blog:

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DeBrill was happy after the meeting and announced on social media, “it was worth every penny.” Take a look: