November 4, 2020

A Look At Key Senate & House Of Representative Races In The Nation

A Look At Key Senate & House Of Representative Races In The Nation

Election Day is finally upon us! 

The Democrats and Republicans are fighting for control of the Senate. As of now, the Senate is split 53-47 between Republicans and Democrats. In total, there are 35 seats up for the Election in the Senate. 23 belong to Republicans and 12 to Democrats. FiveThirtyEight reports the Democrats are favored to take control of the Senate in this Election. Democrats need to win four seats (if Vice President Mike Pence wins a second term) for a majority or three seats (if they also win the vice presidency).

A look at key  Senate and House of Representative races in the nation:

Arizona has typically been considered a red state but in recent years it shifted. If Mark Kelly wins, both senators from Arizona will be Democrats for the first time since the 1950s. FiveThrityEight reports, “In Colorado, former Gov. John Hickenlooper’s chances of defeating Republican Sen. Cory Gardner look particularly strong: 84 in 100.”

In North Carolina, former state Sen. Cal Cunningham is a 68 in 100 favorite to defeat Republican Sen. Thom Tillis, the article reports. In Georgia, it remains a Republican-leaning state, but things could change. Republican Sen. The numbers are close, David Perdue has 57 in 100 odds, and his Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff is at 43 and 100. 

Republican Sen. David Perdue has 57 in 100 odds and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff isn’t that far behind at 43 in 100. In Maine, Democratic state House Speaker Sara Gideon has a 59 in 100 chance to win and incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins has a 41 in 100 chance. According to polls, they go in favor of Gideon, but Collins could win. 

In Montana, Republican Sen. Steve Daines has a 69 in 100 chance to win. Democrat Steve Bullock has a 31 in 100 chance. In Alaska, Democrats have a 23 in 100 chance, and a 20 in 100 chance in KansasIn South Carolina, Democrat Jaime Harrison has a 23 in 100 chance to win. Mississippi Sens. Cindy Hyde-Smith (88 in 100) and John Cornyn of Texas (86 in 100) are in favor to win another term but things can change. 

In Alabama, Republican Tommy Tuberville has an 87 in 100 chance to win against Democratic Sen. Doug Jones. In Michigan, some Republicans feel confident that John James can defeat Sen. Gary Peters because the Republicans raised nearly $36 million in individual contributions. However, the article reports James has a 17 in 100 chance. New Mexico and Minnesota are on an even playing field, Republicans have a 6 in 100 chance in the former and a 5 in 100 chance in the latter, according to the report. 

The overall prediction is that Democrats will have an average of 52 Senate seats and Republicans an average of 48. We can face possible runoffs in Georgia and in states like Alaska, there may be slow vote counts. 

We will keep you updated on the outcome!