May 9, 2019

A NEW Lil’ Wayne Album Is Coming Soon!

A NEW Lil’ Wayne Album Is Coming Soon!
(Photo Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

It looks like a new Lil’ Wayne album is coming VERY soon!

Last week, he announced a brand new tour alongside Blink 182, and now it looks like it could happen! He also teased a new project by posting a coffin emoji with no words on his social media pages. There has not been a formal announcement on a new project though many believe it hints at an album titled The Funeral.

With the sale of the brand new tour, fans got a suprise on the Ticketmaster page where they announced that they would also be getting physical copies of both Blink 182’s album or Lil’ Wayne’s album.

There are no other details just yet, but it safe to say that this pretty exciting! Are you ready for new Lil’ Wayne music?