September 6, 2019

A$AP Rocky’s Original Swedish Lawyer Shot Outside Apartment

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A$AP Rocky’s Original Swedish Lawyer Shot Outside Apartment

(Photo Credit: Christopher Jue/Getty images)


A lawyer who first represented A$AP Rocky when he was locked up on Sweden has been shot in what is being reported as a possible ambush.

According to TMZ, Henrik Olsson Lilja was leaving his apartment in downtown Stockholm when someone walked up to him and shot him in the head and chest. Surprisingly he was still conscious, and made the call to authorities.

The suspect then ran into a SUV, and is currently at large.

Swedish Police Authority says they have arrested some potential suspects for questioning.

“The police have arrested several people for questioning. The investigation is at an intense stage and the police are working on several different fronts to make progress,” they said in a statement.

A$AP Rocky originally hired Lilja following his arrest for assault last month. He was later replaced just before the trial.