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February 14, 2023 - L'Oréal Luchi

Adonis Graham Calls Drake A ‘Funny Dad’ During Joint Interview

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Adonis Graham Calls Drake A ‘Funny Dad’ During Joint Interview
Drake truly adores his son Adonis Graham.
The rapper and his five-year-old boy sat down for a joint interview with Barstool Sport’s Caleb Pressley on Sundae Conversation. In the episode, Adonis answers a few questions about his father.
Pressley jokingly asked Adonis, “Do you think if he did a better job with you at home that you’d be able to read?” Adonis replied yes, then went on to say that Drake is a funny dad. Adonis said Drizzy “does a lot of funny jokes.”
Drake said that Adonis tells him how great of a “single” dad he is. The “Find Your Love” rapper implied Adonis is hinting at the possibility of needing to lock it down.
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Complex points out that Drake admits he uses the word "b*tches" too often in his music (but says he doesn't use it a lot in real life.) They also spoke on his private plane, having four beds and is loaded with snacks.
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