February 12, 2018

“All That” Cast Reunites On ‘Wild “N’ Out’! Here Are 5 Reasons Why Miss The Show [VIDEO] #SceneIt

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“All That” Cast Reunites On ‘Wild “N’ Out’! Here Are 5 Reasons Why Miss The Show [VIDEO] #SceneIt

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Fresh out the box, stop look and watch, ready yet? Get set….


Nick Cannon sent shockwaves through social media when he posted up images of forthcoming “Wild N’ Out” guests on his Instagram.

The Wild N’ Out episode was filmed for the show’s upcoming season and it features Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server, some of the original cast members of the 90’s hit show, All That!


Only Nick could have pulled this off and only Nick could have teased fans with photos then delete them from his account. Fortunately, Kel left it up! The thought of having them together all one stage, TV legends in their right, would make any millennial’s head burst.



#allthatreunion on @mtvwildnout

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What made the show so successful was not just the comedy, but the “relatable” factor.


At a time where no other sketch comedy shows were available for kids/teens, All That appeared.  This form of comedy can either go well or go bad on television but it worked for them. The jokes resonated with viewing audiences, the cast was diverse, and they added an element to the show that was never done before for on a kid’s TV show, performances.

All of this was a recipe for a success but the performances put the cherry on top. For some reason, other networks forgot kids/teens love music too so All That cashed in on this missing piece of television.  The show drew in millions of views and stars in movie, TV and music as special guests.


All That is currently in syndication on The Splat so if you’re ever feeling nostalgic, you can click to that channel. But, while I continue to scream inside, I whole-heartedly feel we need a reboot of this show but with the original cast who are responsible for the show’s success (aside from the script writers of course). The chemistry between the group was undeniable and it translated well onto television. Plus, with everything going on in this country we need some lighthearted humor. 


With that said,  here are the top 5 reasons why we need it:



1. The theme song is one of the best theme songs every created on TV (yes I say that confidently…RIP Lefteye)



2. We need to see Good Burger , and a bevy of Kel’s other hilarious characters:



3. Cooking with Randy and Mandy, Ishboo, Superdude



4. The Loud Librarian



5. A kids/teens show where they can get thet best of both worlds! Example: performances and laughs.