Angel Reese Returns W/ LSU After 4-Game Absence

Angel Reese Returns W/ LSU After 4-Game Absence

11/30/2023 12:00 AM EST by Hot97 Staff

Angel Reese is returns to the LSU Tigers after a 4-game absence.

We previously reported that the "Bayou Barbie" spoke out after fans noticed she was absent from the Tigers game at Southeastern Louisiana on a week ago. "Please don't believe everything you read," Angel wrote via Twitter after fans speculated, she was absent due to low GPA. 

"It's a boost having her back," LSU coach Kim Mulkey said. "She's a tremendous player, one of the best in the country. She gives us a good matchup with [Elizabeth] Kitley, but it's not just for this game -- it's for the rest of the season."

Fans specuated that she was suspend because of a ow GPA. Jamelle Hill- however, made it clear that that wasn't the reason. Hill jumped in the comments of The Shade Room and explained, "To the people in the cheap seats: This was never about grades. A reminder she first got benched 14 minutes into a game. Did some of y’all think a professor came running to the bench with her report card or something during the middle of a game? Coaches monitor the academic progress of athletes constantly so if she was ineligible because of that she never would have started the season."

She continued, "also, typically if it was for grades, she’d have to sit until she could pull them up and that isn’t happening in a week. Likely would take an entire semester, because there’s a target GPA you have to reach to be eligible. The team probably also would have announced she was academically ineligible. Some of y’all just wanted a reason to go in on her and question her intelligence, so you got your wish."