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September 26, 2019

Another Man Arrested In Connection With Mac Miller’s Death

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Another Man Arrested In Connection With Mac Miller’s Death
Photo credit – Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
It’s been over a year since the tragic passing of rapper, singer, and songwriter, Mac Miller.
Back in 2018, police found that his cause of death was an accidental drug overdose.
As of September 2019, two men have been arrested in connection with the rapper’s death. About two weeks ago, police arrested L.A. drug dealer, Cameron James Pettit for supplying fake oxycodone pills which led to the rappers overdose, Xanax, and cocaine. Pettit is being charged with one count of distributing a controlled substance and could possibly face up to 20 years in federal prison.
The second man, Ryan Reavis, was arrested Tuesday, September 24th by Arizona police, on drug, fraud, and gun possession. As police searched Reavis’ house, they came across a prescription pad, prescription-only pills, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana.
However, police have yet to say how Reavis is connected to Miller’s death, therefore he is only being held at the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office on a $50,000 cash-only bond.
Miller’s death was an accidental drug overdose due to “mixed drug toxicity.” His autopsy included fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.