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November 10, 2023

Apryl Jones Has Had Enough Of Omarion And Lil Fizz's Comments About Her

HOT News
Apryl Jones Has Had Enough Of Omarion And Lil Fizz's Comments About Her
Apryl Jones has spoken up about her name being tossed around due to her exes, Omarion and Lil Fizz. She wants to share her own side of the story.
In an Instagram Live, Jones responded to the remarks Omarion made while he was on The Jason Lee Show. He mentioned that his process of learning to forgive his former B2K group member, Lil Fizz, for dating Jones, was not easy. Fizz and Jones dated in 2019 after her relationship with Omarion ran its course. They share two children together.
“If a man or a woman does not want to be exposed, then start being good to the people that you are with,” she said in her live. “Why would you think that a person you treated like utter shit is supposed to protect you? I refuse to do it anymore.”
She alluded to some dirt she has on her ex, Omarion, that she has been keeping under wraps.
“If you’re a piece of sh*t, you are definitely a piece of sh*t,” she continued. “And I won’t sit here and try and cover.”
Jones then made a request to be able to share her side of the story.
“Put me on the interview, Jason Lee,” she said. “Put me in the interview room and say, ‘How do you feel?’ Give it a fair shot. Because it hasn’t been fair to me to hear my name constantly, over and over again. I haven’t been able to tell my side.”
Jones said that she has been “quiet,” but is ready to change things around.
“Call me what you want to call me: homie-hopper, sex addict,” she said. “I’ll take it. Don’t really give a f*ck. Don’t care. But I bet you won’t put me in the same room [as exes that are talking about her]… Y’all see me with certain people, and you’re like ‘Ooh.’… It ain’t what it appears… People are walking around lying and manipulating and egotistical.”
Jason Lee has responded to her request in a tweet.
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"Apryl Jones is welcome on my show," he said to his followers. "Only if she plans to be honest and open. I don’t know if she’s ready for that but would love to have her. This show is fair."