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November 21, 2023

Ari Lennox Opens Up About Insecurities, Reveals Why She Won’t Get Plastic Surgery

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Ari Lennox Opens Up About Insecurities, Reveals Why She Won’t Get Plastic Surgery
Ari Lennox opens up about an insecurity she has with her nose.
While on Instagram live Lennox recalled a tweet Maury Povich tweet that was making fun of an oversized nose. “I was like, how she could tell I had doubts about myself through me being triggered by Maury saying what he said about this man?” Lennox said. "So I felt a way, like, b*tch! Why do I have to… What’s that supposed to mean?”
She continued, “I was hanging out with someone and they mentioned like how sometimes when celebrities change their appearance, like how much their money changes and how opportunity changes and all of these things like that. And that same person was basically like, ‘Yo, the same thing would probably happen to you!’ I was just like, Jesus!"
“So it’s just like a lot of things that have happened ever since I became a singer. ‘Cause there were people and things growing up, like ‘tunnel nose’ and all that shit, but becoming a singer that was signed, it just seems like all of my insecurities just became heightened.”
She went on to explain why she wouldn't get a nose job. “I think I’m too scary to ever do anything like that out of fear that like I said, one – it will never look right with them touching it,” she began. “And then, I don’t know, not to judge other people… This is my situation but the idea of having a child one day and then my baby has my nose, and then if I changed it, now I’m looking at my baby who has my old nose and I’m just like, oh shit. How do I convince my baby that their nose is perfect? Or just knowing that if I were to raise my younger self, I would have given myself so much love. But why is it so hard to step outside of your fucking self and like, love yourself?”
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