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January 18, 2023 - Oumou Fofana

Asake And Alexis Skyy Spotted Together In Senegal

Alexis Skyy Asake
Asake And Alexis Skyy Spotted Together In Senegal
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Nigerian rapper Asake and TV personality Alexis Skyy were recently spotted together at the All Africa Music Awards in Senegal.

Twitter reacts to rumors of the pair allegedly dating. “These videos of Alexis Skyy and Asake don’t surprise me. The girl has been posting Afrobeats up and down. You can always tell when a girl starts f**king with a Nigerian,” Agu Nwanyi wrote.

Asake and Alexis Skyy?? I said wow what a life. I’m sorry but it’s so random like jaw dropped,” Nodobe wrote.

“I just want to know if Alexis Skyy is pronouncing Asake’s name right? [Because] the way NIGERIANS are butchering it, I can only imagine how she’s saying it,” said Gldkvng.

“Asake scooped Alexis Skyy. That’s why she was listening to all those Naija songs. She’s Nigerian by penetration now,” Whxiswhx tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote, “I won’t be surprised if Alexis Skyy and Asake are officially dating cause she stays posting content with Afrobeats lol.”

“Asake and Alexis Skyy was not on my bingo card. Lmao, that is truly the most random couple. Get the bag sis.,” Joaniebeknowin tweeted.

“If Alexis Skyy and Asake are dating it’ll be a good way to introduce him to the American market,” BloggedByRain suggested.

“Asake is dating Alexis Skyy? Jesus, this is not the way to start a Happy New Year please,” said Rashieee__.

Deeisbella tweeted, “This Asake and Alexis Skyy news is absolutely spinning me”

ErykahKayne asked, “So Alexis Skyy and Asake [are] really a thing? ‘Mr. Money [with] the Vibe’ Asake?!”

“Asake and Alexis Skyy have to be the most random pair after Kim and Pete,” Santa__xx tweeted.

“Alexis Skyy is with Asake [because] his hair looks like Fetty Wap’s fake locs,” Alr19htkids joked.

“Until Alexis Skyy and Asake come out to say they are dating, I don’t believe the rumors,” Jimtex01 wrote.