January 7, 2020

ASAP Rocky Re-Visits His Comments On Black Lives Matter + Ferguson Protests

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ASAP Rocky Re-Visits His Comments On Black Lives Matter + Ferguson Protests

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Years ago A$AP Rocky was heavily criticized for comments that he made regarding Ferguson protests that took place after the murder of Michael Brown.

In the old interview with TimeOut’s Eve Barlow, Rocky expressed that he cannot relate to what was happening in Ferguson personally, and that’s why he did not rap about it…

“Why would I feel compelled to rap about Ferguson?” he replied, “I’m not about to say that I was down there throwing rocks at motherfuckers, getting pepper-sprayed. I’d be lying…I live in fucking Soho and Beverly Hills. I can’t relate.”

Keep in mind that Rocky’s comments resurfaced the Internet after the rapper was arrested and held in Sweden after an altercation.

In a recent interview with Kerwin Frost, Rocky doubled down on his comments with more of an explanation…basically saying that he would be appropriating if he were to talk about something he did not experience. Take a look at the interview below:

“In those old interviews, I used to say ‘I think it’s inappropriate for me to rap about things I didn’t help with… I felt like when it came to Ferguson, J. Cole went down there and he actually was on the news and he helped. I felt like he deserved to rap about it. So when someone [asked] me that in 2015 I’m like: ‘I just feel, personally, if I’m in SoHo or I’m here I can’t even talk on that’… That’s appropriating. … It’s not sincere. It’s pretentious”