August 01, 2022

ATL Jacob On Being Noticed As A Rapper, NYC Inspiration, Future + Producing

ATL Jacob On Being Noticed As A Rapper, NYC Inspiration, Future + Producing
ATL Jacob is a musical force to be reckoned with. The 21-year-old producer has been making top-charts hits. Working with A-list rappers like Ye, Drake, Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Baby, and Future, ATL Jacob has surely become quite the superstar in the industry.
In an interview with DJ Drewski, ATL Jacob explained how he is still getting used to being recognized in public places. “Honestly like, I go to places and people take pictures of me like I’m the rapper,” he expressed. Usually, producers lay low while they generate the big bucks. Similar to the artists, superstar producers are now slowly experiencing the fame that comes with being in the industry.

High School Years To Fame

Surprisingly, the young producer started off his career by rapping and making records. Once he started high school, the Atlanta-born musician started producing beats. During this time, he showed his projects with his producer friends like Mike Will. However, word got around that ATL Jacob can rap, and was even brought into the studio by Waka Flocka Flame. ATL Jacob told Drewski: “Wacka was the first one to tell me to rap.”
Meanwhile, Future was also listening to ATL Jacob’s recordings in these studio sessions. Quickly after that, the young producer’s career took off.
Although the “Wait For You” producer has multiple platinum records, he is still determined to make even bigger achievements. During his interview, ATL Jacob discussed how he’s taking every accomplishment step by step to ultimately reach his end goal. He told Drewski that his first step is producing, the next is rapping, and after he releases his rap albums, he plans to dive into the fashion world.

ATL Jacob Now

For now, he is focused on his music and revealed that he is in the works of building his own 14,000-square-foot studio. Imperial Sound, the name of the building, will have a layout that allows different producers to network with each other and various musicians while still remaining isolated enough to complete their work.
It seems that in order to be successful in music production, you should have a mindset similar to ATL Jacob. Do thorough research, be focused, and know what your goals are. Once you do that, then all you have to do is enjoy the ride to success!