January 11, 2018

Beyoncé’s Ex Vocal Coach Claims to have “DIRT” on the Knowles Family!

Beyoncé’s Ex Vocal Coach Claims to have “DIRT” on the Knowles Family!
Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta  – Getty Images

According to TheJasmineBrand.com Beyoncé’s alleged EX-vocal coach David Lee Brewer Jr. has released a book titled: Beyoncé: Raising Genius: A Teacher and his Prodigy.

Brewer is making accusations that can potentially stir up some real TROUBLE. Drugs, and infidelity are just a few of the vices named in the book.

Do you think Mr. Brewer is reputable?

Read an excerpt from the book below:

Mathew (Knowles) was garnering negative attention all over Houston, and even Celestine’s (Tina Knowles) clients were beginning to talk. Every day she faced new rumors, most of them true. Mathew was into all kinds of kinky things. Word on the street was that the glass dick wasn’t the only thing he’d wrapped his hands around. The more I saw and heard, the more I sympathized with Celestine’s position. They hadn’t been husband and wife for years. I never even saw them hold hands. Naturally, they hugged each other in public whenever they considered it expedient—for photo ops, to name one common occurrence. That was as far as their “affection” for one another went.
Obsessed with tarnishing Celestine’s image in the eyes of his daughters, Mathew appeared early one morning—after being out several nights late—with flowers in hand. Beyoncé, who loved her mother dearly, knew that there was tension between the two, so when Mathew asked her to pass on his surprise to Celestine, she was elated. She ran into the kitchen, where I sat with a frustrated Celestine.
“Mama! Look what Daddy bought you!”