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September 15, 2022

Bhad Bhabie Invited To Speak At Oxford University

Bhad Bhabie Celebrity
Bhad Bhabie Invited To Speak At Oxford University
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Bhad Bhabie is headed to Oxford University to give drop some gems on the students.

According to TMZ, the viral sensation was invited to the university to talk the Oxford Union which is an academic debate society. The Oxford Union President Ahmad Nawaz welcomed Bhabie by stating, “It would be an honor to welcome you to continue this fine tradition.”

Bhabie joins the likes of President residents Reagan, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Malcolm X, Albert Einstein, Sir Elton John, Shakira- who all also spoke at Oxford at some point.

Bhabie is doing big things out here. We previously reported that the 19 y/o has created the Bhad Scholarship Award in partnership with Educapital Foundation, which prides itself on being the “only national foundation to focus its efforts on trade school education for the country’s most underserved, impoverished students.” The initiative will distribute $1.7 million among 1,000 students enrolling in technical and trade schools as well as those who have graduated and are pursuing entrepreneurship or further education.