June 22, 2022

Bobby Shmurda Goes Off On Producers Overcharging Him, ‘I Never Seen No Sh*t Like This Before’

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Bobby Shmurda Goes Off On Producers Overcharging Him, ‘I Never Seen No Sh*t Like This Before’

Bobby Shmurda is NOT having it!

In a since-deleted video, the Brooklyn rapper went OFF on producers trying to overcharge him. According to Bobby, producers are giving him a “hard time” asking for outrageous prices while he just wants to finish his project.

In the video, Bobby said, “So I’m in the middle of f*ck*ng June rap, and these producers is giving me like the hardest time right now, like I never seen no sh*t like this before. Like I know n*gg*s cannot – It can’t be that bad outside my n*gg*. It can’t be that bad outside my n*gg*, it can’t be bro. I done made over half a million for the year. It can’t be that bad outside my n*gg*. You know what I’m saying?”

The 27-year-old rapper went on to say, “Like why is n*gg*s oding right now? I’m supposed to drop my project – lemme get straight to it. I’m tryna drop my project, but these n*gg*s is asking me clearances and these f*ck*ng producers is asking for some crazy sh*t! I don’t know what rumors is going around, they think like ‘oh Bobby just droppin’ bags’ this, that, wherever.”

Then toward the end of the video, Bobby let off more frustrations and let it be known he’s not dropping thousands of dollars for a producer. The “Hot N*gga” rapper said,

“I’m not giving n*gg*s no f*ck*ng 10 thousand, eight thousand dollars for no f*ck*ng producing song b*tch. Who the f*ck told you n*gg*s to f*ck*ng make songs with 10 motherf*ck*rs on the song b*tch n*gg*!” He concluded with,

“Yo bum *ss n*gg*s gonna send me some sh*t like that with like 10 n*gg*s on the song bro. Don’t play me bro. Don’t play me bro. Y’all n*gg*s go bust ya gun by yaself n*gg*.”

Take a look at a video reposted by DJ Akademiks:

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Bobby is indeed facing some challenges as an independent artist. In February, he put his former label, Epic Records, on blast. At the time, he expressed anger over wanting to be released from his contract. In March, Epic released Bobby. He told fans, “I just sign my release papers.” Bobby previously said his album is done and ready, there seems to be slight hiccups with releasing it.

Hopefully fans will get it this year, no release date as of yet, we’ll keep you posted.