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February 04, 2017

Bobby Shmurda Sentenced To MORE Years In Prison

HOT News
Bobby Shmurda Sentenced To MORE Years In Prison
(Photo Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images)
Bobby Shmurda will now be paying for a big mistake he made while sitting in prison.
Back in June of 2015, he was caught being handed a shank by a girlfriend.
According to Bossip, he has pled guilty to one count of attempted promoting prison contraband.
The plea was part of a deal to make most of the charges from the incident go away. Prosecutors said Shmurda’s gal pal, Kimberly Rousseau, passed him a “sharpened metal object” during a jail visit to Rikers Island in 2015. They then said he lied about the incident to the Grand Jury. Rousseau has since pled guilty to promoting prison contraband.
Shmurda could’ve gotten seven years just for the perjury charge had the case gone to trial.
He has been sentenced to 1.3 to four years in addition to the five years he already agreed to.
As part of the deal he can’t appeal the sentence, nor can he vote or serve in a jury upon his release.