February 14, 2019

Boo’d Up? Here’s A List Of Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For You and Your Partner!

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Boo’d Up? Here’s A List Of Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For You and Your Partner!

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!  A special holiday meant to celebrate the ones you love most.  There is so much you and your partner can do on this special day, aside from the typical dinner and a movie. If you haven’t made plans by now, below is a list of 5 date night ideas for you and your partner. If you’re single, taken or it’s complicated, we got you covered! Happy love day.

  1. Comedy Show-

Boo’d up or single, everyone loves comedy.  A good laugh is the best way to anyone’s heart. If you and your partner are into comedy, look up some local comedy shows and get your laugh on this holiday!

  1. Spa Date-

As we know, work, children, or just everyday life struggles consume us most of the time. Why not spend this day relaxing? Treat your partner to a nice relaxing night at the spa. You won’t regret it.

  1. Dinner and Movie at home-

You and your partner, or just you, may want to enjoy this holiday in your humble of ode. It’s nothing wrong with simply relaxing in the company of your own home.  Pick up a movie, dinner, dessert and maybe even some wine.  

  1. Ice Skating date-

The weather is still chilly. How about a nice ice skating date? Slip and stumble on the rink with your boo, and then warm up with some nice dinner and drinks afterwards.

  1. Go Dancing-

Lastly, you and your partner or just you can enjoy a night on the dance floor! Look up some local dance classes, Valentine’s Day parties, or a nice lounge. Thank me later!

Whether you’re spending the holiday by yourself, with your mother, with your friends, your partner or whoever- make sure you express your love in the most genuine way. The day meant for spreading love, you can even make a strangers day with just a smile.


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