April 24, 2021

Boosie Badazz Slams O.J. Simpson Over LeBron James Comments

Boosie Badazz Slams O.J. Simpson Over LeBron James Comments

Boosie Badazz is not here for any LeBron James slander. 

LeBron James has been catching some heat for his now-deleted tweet of the officer who shot and killed 16-

year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio. James had tweeted out “You’re Next #Accountability”, which led social media to accuse him of spewing hate speech.

One person who also chimed in was NFL star, O.J. Simpson.  As reported by the New York Post, Simpson said in a video he posted on Twitter “The police guy had no choice, he responded. We wished he could have pulled a Taser but in that incident, if he didn’t do what he did, another young American would have her life taken.” 

Simpson also advised James to pick his battles and be more patient when it comes to criticizing cops. “You can’t fight every battle. You know you got to pick your battles. It’s a war that must be fought but sometimes you need to take your time and be a little more patient before you comment on some of these bad incidents that are happening with departments. LeBron should have waited.” 

However, Boosie was not here for O.J.’s opinion and called him out. In a video, Boosie said, “O.J’ Simpson, how the hell you gon’ tell LeBron to be quiet about speaking up for our race. You supposed to be speaking up for our race! We got you free, a Black man got you free! The Black community got you free and you gon’ tell him to chill out? You need to chill out. Get the f**k off LeBron nuts. You wrong, man.” 

Watch the entire video below.