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October 18, 2023 - Zayna Allen

Bow Wow Asks Labels to Bring Back Artist Development

HOT News
Bow Wow Asks Labels to Bring Back Artist Development
Bow Wow is making a request that many music enthusiasts have been asking for years. The rapper took to Twitter to share some thoughts on the current state of music and the artists themselves.
“Can we please bring back artist development at these labels? Do these labels even care about these artists?” he asked. “Y’all be throwing them on platforms knowing they’re not ready. A boxer is trained and taught before battle. We just keep throwing these subpar-a** artists out here with no proper teaching.”
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He continued his thought by explaining that he sees potential in many artists, but not all of them have that "it" factor.
"It’s too many real ones out here on the come up like Symba, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, I can name so many more. Lady London, Lola Brooke. Like, new artists that got it! Who deserve the push,” he shared. “Stop pushing that bulls**t on us! The fans are waking up and hip hop is about to change for the better. Stay in the house if you’re playing, and move over and let the real ones play.”
He's not alone in his desire to have the music industry turn up the potential in its artists. Several fans have called out acts like Ice Spice and Summer Walker on their lack of stage presence. Teyana Taylor has been on a mission to help many artists within the past year as she has worked with a few artists on their live performances. Names like Latto, Summer Walker, Lola Brooke and Lil Baby have worked with Taylor.
Bow Wow finished up his venting session by specifically calling out newer talent.
"They can’t talk. I don’t understand what the f**k they saying. Be dry as hell in interviews,” he expressed. “Y’all know I take the stage serious! I don’t even wanna get on they stage presence. Rapping over vocals, s**t is sloppy out here, man. We gotta clean this s**t up. Get better or get the f**k out the way.”