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November 15, 2023

R&B Group B5 Sends Message To Diddy: "We All Want Our Publishing Too"

HOT News
R&B Group B5 Sends Message To Diddy: "We All Want Our Publishing Too"
Diddy has been making headlines as he announced that he gave publishing rights to artists he has worked with like Ma$e, The Notorious B.I.G. and The LOX. While many of artists that were once under Bad Boy can rejoice in this news, not all were given the same opportunities.
R&B group, B5, who was signed to Bad Boy in the 2000's have come out to say they have not received the publishing rights to the music they recorded while under Diddy's leadership.
“Puff — Diddy, yeah, we all want our publishing too,” they said while they appeared on the We In Miami podcast. They said they “didn’t hear anything, we didn’t get no calls [or] nothing like that, from that.”
Elsewehre in the convo, the group which consists of all brothers, admitted that they were young in the business with no knowledge of it.
“We were so young at the time; we didn’t understand the business of it," they said. "But, you know, now looking back, it’s like, ‘Damn, why our names wasn’t on the credits?… Where the percentages at? Where the [publishing] at?”
Mark Curry, another former Bad Boy artist, recently shared his thoughts on the deal as well. He took to Instagram to share, unlike B5, he did receive the rights but feels its a little too late.
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“What’s it worth now? He gave me mine back a long time ago … That’s disrespectful — I said why don’t you just keep it and pay me? I don’t want the publishing; I want the money," he said in the video.
He continued, "Diddy gave the publishing back. So what? It has no value… I want him to give me a million cash and then I can plan the rest of my life out well. Ever had somebody owe you $50… when you needed it back… they didn’t pay you… then by the time they do pay you… the $50 doesn’t mean the same as it did when you needed it"