September 17, 2020

Brandy Shares Why She Won’t Date Joe Budden

Brandy Shares Why She Won’t Date Joe Budden

Is it ever okay to date your siblings friend?

According to Brandy, it’s not.

Joe Budden recently shot his shot at the multi-talented artist, but it was an air ball. While Brandy’s brother, Ray J was a guest on Budden’s podcast, he shared that he may have a slight crush on the singer, and jokingly asked Ray J to put in a good word for him.

Ray did reveal that the B7 singer was single, and that she “needs” a “nice, good, wholesome guy that’s gonna be honest.” “That’s not Joe,” said Budden’s pod-mate Mal. “Don’t do that. I just told you I love Brandy… I might need to pull up,” Joe replied.

Brandy responded to Joe’s shot during a recent interview. She shared,”my brother’s homies are like my brothers, my friends. No,” said Brandy.

Do you think Joe and Brandy would make a good couple?

Check her response below.

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