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September 13, 2023 - L'Oréal Luchi

Brittney Griner Crowned Comeback Player Of The YR By AP + Speaks On Future WNBA Plans

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Brittney Griner Crowned Comeback Player Of The YR By AP + Speaks On Future WNBA Plans
Brittney Griner is getting her flowers while she can smell them.
The Associated Press named her the Comeback Player of the Year. The publication gives it to athletes who show perseverance to overcome adversity. 
It was out of Brittney's control missing last year's season, as she was incarecerated in Russia. She was locked up overseas and sentenced to nine years for drug-smuggling charges. She pleaded guilty, but the US categorized her as wrongfully detained. 
In a dramatic drawn out prisoner exchange last December, she was able to return back on American soil. BG wasted no time returning to the court, she resigned her contract with the Phoenix Mercury. 
Brittney also became the All-Star for the ninth time earlier this year. ESPN points out she's an unrestricted free agent but said she has no thoughts of playing anywhere but Phoenix, where she has spent her 10-season WNBA career.
"Phoenix is home," BG said. "Me and my wife literally just got a place [here]. This is it."
In an interview earlier this year, Brittney said she would never play overseas, unless she’s representing the U.S. She said she wants to play in the Paris Olympics next year. 
For one of the games this season, BG took a stance on mental health. She decided to opt out of a few away ones. Brittney isn’t the only athlete that put wellness over career. In 2020, Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics, citing her mental being. In 2021, Naomi Oska dropped out of the French Open, to do the same. 
Congratulations Brittney on the award!