July 26, 2018

Call The Banners: HBO Announces ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Premiere Date…Sorta #SceneIt

Call The Banners: HBO Announces ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Premiere Date…Sorta #SceneIt
(Photo by Robert Marquardt/WireImage)


Game of Thrones fanatics unite. 


The record breaking HBO fantasy series has a release date…well something close to it and it’s better than nothing!


We’ve all been trying to theorize and analyze when the final season will air on the network. Some believed it would air in the summer of 2019 like season 7 did, but we now have proof of when we can expect to see the return of the Night King. 



According to Mashable, HBO president Casey Bloys announced during the TCA Summer Press Tour today that GOT will air in the first half of 2019.


So what does that mean exactly?


It means the show could be returning to it’s normal scheduling of the past six seasons, airing in March/April vs. season 7 which aired in July 2017.  Which means, we don’t have to wait till next summer for the final season. *sigh of relief


Now if that wasn’t enough, Bloys also confirmed that the Game of Thrones spinoff pilot will be in production early 2019 too.


The countdown begins for the final season. Will Dany and Jon Snow have a baby? Will Cersei really be defeated? Will the Night King destroy Westeros? Will the dragons battle?  


2019 is around the corner and I’ll be here anxiously waiting for the premiere date like the rest of us.


Each episode is rumored to be around an hour and a half, some may be two hours long. This assumption came from the show’s producer who’ve said each episode is expected to be as long as a feature length film. 


So don’t shed tears over the six episode finale, we’re reportedly getting double the action. 


I cannot wait!