February 7, 2019

Cardi B Gives An Update On Her Relationship w/ Offset [PHOTO]

Cardi B
Cardi B Gives An Update On Her Relationship w/ Offset [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Cardi B is winning in 2019!

One week after appearing on a brand new Pepsi ad during the Super Bowl, the rapper is now featured on Harper’s Bazaar March cover.

On the profile, the Bronx native gives an update on her relationship with Offset, although she wasn’t very definitive.

When I ask her if she’s getting back with Offset, I can almost hear her curious entourage, who have arranged themselves on sofas on the perimeter of the room, lean forward to catch the answer. For a moment, the only sound is Bui engaging in some hard-hat-level sanding and scraping of the star’s three-inch nails. Then Cardi says both, “I don’t think so,” and “Who knows? You never know, you can never tell,” neither of which is exactly a definitive answer.

When pressed on whether any family members took part in the decision for the break up, she denied that it was anyone else’s decision or whether the two will go counceling.

I ask if any family or friends influenced her decision to leave Offset. “No, I decided on my own,” she declares, looking me straight in the eye. “Nobody makes my decisions about my life but me.” Before they broke up, Offset begged Cardi to see a therapist. “I didn’t want to go to marriage counseling,” she says, in a firm tone of voice. “He suggested it, but it’s like, ‘I don’t want to go.’ There’s no counselor or nothing that could make me change my mind.”

Don’t expect to see her with any other man anytime soon though.

“I have a kid, and I’m also famous,” she says quietly. “So I can’t just sleep with anybody. People talk. You know, if I date somebody in the industry, that’s another person in the industry. If I date somebody who is not in the industry, he might not understand my lifestyle.” Since the breakup, she’s been getting a ton of messages from guys but ignoring them. “It’s like, ‘Bro, why would you want to holler at me right away? You’re weird.’ If you think Imma automatically hop onto you after a marriage, that just means you think I’m a sleaze. And I’m not. I have a kid—I have to show an example.”

Check out the entire profile here.

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Thank you so much to Glenda and the entire team for choosing me for the cover of @harpersbazaarus! Who would have thought?

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Introducing our March 2019 cover star, @iamCardiB! The rapper talks fame, family and whether she’ll ever get back together with Offset. Tap the link in bio to see the full story. Photography by @marianovivanco Fashion editor @kollincarter Hair by @tokyostylez Makeup by @erika_lapearl_mua Nails by @chelseaqueen Editor in chief @glendabailey #CardiB wears @balenciaga and @bulgariofficial

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“I feel like my life is a fairy tale and I’m a princess—rags to riches, people trying to sabotage” —@iamcardib opens up about fame in our March 2019 issue. Link in bio Photography by @marianovivanco Fashion editor @kollincarter Hair by @tokyostylez Makeup by @erika_lapearl_mua Nails by @chelseaqueen Editor in chief @glendabailey #cardib wears @chloe

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