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October 02, 2023

Cause Of Death Revealed For Former Wild N’ Out Star, Jacky Oh 

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Cause Of Death Revealed For Former Wild N’ Out Star, Jacky Oh 
Jacky Oh’s sudden death shocked the world. 
The longtime partner of the Wild N’ Out star DC Young Fly, passed away on Wednesday May 31. Ms. Jacky Oh was only 32, and her official cause of death was revealed. 
She tragically died as a result of complications from cosmetic surgery. TMZ reports Ms. Jacky was complaining that head was "burning" just hours before her death. She was traveling to Miami in May to undergo a BBL, a procedure where she had liposuction and fat transferred to her butt.
After surgery, Jacky was prescribed Cliprofloxacin (an antibiotic), Oxycodone (a painkiller), and Ondansetron (anti-nausea). Shorty after, she had a headache, and went back to the surgeon for a post-operative appointment. 
Following that, she got a massage to alleviate pain, took an ibuprofen and was advised to stop taking the Ondansetron, according to the report. However, it’s not exactly clear who advised her. 
Before her tragic passing, she complained that her head was “burning,” had difficulty speaking, and her aunt called 9-1-1. Unfortunately, she passed away before help arrived.
The autopsy report says she had swelling in her brain and extensive bleeding of the skin around her torso. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with the family and fans. May she rest peacefully.