January 20, 2019

Chicago Police Visit R. Kelly’s Studio & Find “Proof” That It Was Misused [VIDEO]

Chicago Police Visit R. Kelly’s Studio & Find “Proof” That It Was Misused [VIDEO]

Photo credit – Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Chicago authorities found proof that where R. Kelly recorded music, it was also being used as a residence. After millions watched Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ (itlacs) multi-part documentary, many of the alleged victims claim that they would sometimes sleep at the “Pied Piper’s” studio in “cult-like conditions, against their will.” After the series aired, an inspection was ordered after a Building Department employee testified in court last week that his team visited the warehouse and saw its windows were “sealed up,” according to a news report.

Since it’s a commercial property, each code violation could cost the singer $1,000. Police found “multiple” violations, one of the obvious ones they saw is that his studio is being used as a residence with a complete built-in kitchen. A complete list will be available next week Tuesday, according to the article. R. Kelly is facing a possible eviction due to back rent and will have to pay close to $175,000 in back rent and other fees by January 21. 

The building department claims that the investigation to visit R. Kelly’s studio isn’t connected to any potential criminal investigations the singer may be faced with. R. Kelly has denied all of the allegations that surround him. Since Lifetime’s documentary aired, there have been many protests, igniting the #MuteRKelly movement again. He was also recently dropped from Sony.