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March 31, 2018

Chris Brown REACTS To Backlash To 'Choking' Photo

HOT News
Chris Brown REACTS To Backlash To 'Choking' Photo
(Photo Credit: Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images)
Chris Brown had some things to say.
The singer was hanging out and partying with some friends at Ultra Fest in Miami when a cameraman took a photo of what looked like Brown choking a woman out with her face in despair.
It turned out that the photo was misrepresented and according to his camp the photo just captured a moment of horseplay.
Chris Brown was spotted choking a women in Miami a few days ago, however it was just a ‘joke’ according to TMZ.
— Music News Facts (@musicnewsfact) March 29, 2018
Breezy reacted to the backlash to send a message to everyone on the story behind the photo.
A post shared by INDIGO CHILD (@chrisbrownofficial) on Mar 29, 2018 at 3:15pm PDT
Ebro in the Morning addressed the photo which can be seen below.
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