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January 28, 2022

Chris Brown Reacts To Lawsuit For Allegedly Drugging & Raping A Woman, 'Pattern Of Cap'

HOT News
Chris Brown Reacts To Lawsuit For Allegedly Drugging & Raping A Woman, 'Pattern Of Cap'
A woman is making some serious claims against the singer Chris Brown.
As reported on news sources, he's being sued for allegedly drugging and raping a woman on a yacht at Diddy's house in Miami. According to a lawsuit obtained by Rolling Stone, Jane Doe claims the incident happened on December 30.
Per the complaint, Doe and an unidentified friend were invited to the yacht by a male friend. It claims that while on the call, Brown grabbed the phone and told Jane that "he had heard about her music and urged her to head over to Diddy's home on Star Island as soon as possible."
Then Doe went to the yacht and, according to the suit, Brown offered her a mixed drink in the kitchen. Then Doe claims Chris gave her tips about starting her music career. Brown allegedly filled Doe's cup for a second time, and she claims she became "disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep."
The suit claims Doe was allegedly taken to a bedroom, where Brown closed the door and prevented her from leaving. According to the complaint, he then undressed and raped her. The suit alleges Brown ejaculated inside of her and announced "he was 'done.'" Then the next day, Brown demanded Doe take the emergency contraceptive Plan B, according to the suit.
Doe is seeking $20 million in damages in addition to punitive damages and attorney's fees. She's described as a professional choreographer, dancer, model, and musical artist.
Chris Brown reacted to the news on social media. On IG story, he wrote, "I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [CAP] whenever [I'm] releasing music or projects 'THEY' try to pull some real bull sh*t." Take a look at a screen share captured by the Rap Alert blog:
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