November 21, 2018

City Girls JT Sends Love to Fans from Prison [AUDIO]

City Girls JT Sends Love to Fans from Prison [AUDIO]

Photo credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images

JT from the Miami based duo, City Girls sends a sweet message to her fans following the recent release of their album. The rapper is currently spending time in prison due to fraud charges. She also sent a special thanks to Cardi B for contributing to the group’s success.

“First of all, I would like to thank Cardi for getting on the ‘Twerk’ record,” JT said, “that means a lot to me because I honestly look up to you. I cannot wait to see the video. I know you’re gonna do your thing . . . I also wanna thank the City Girls and the City Boys for always supporting me, and our new City Girls and City Boys, keep streaming Girl Code.”

A video of the phone conversation was posted by Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas via Instagram. Check it out below.

Free JT, period.