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July 25, 2022

Connie Diiamond Wants To Be Known As A 'Well Based Artist'

Who's Next
Connie Diiamond Wants To Be Known As A 'Well Based Artist'

HOT 97’s alum, Connie Diiamond, has been

Born and raised in both Queens and the Bronx, Connie Diiamond doesn’t yet claim her title as “The Queen of Drill” despite her fans saying otherwise.
In an interview with HOT 97 DJ Mike Medium, Diiamond stated that she doesn’t want to claim titles that would refer to her as the “Queen of Drill” or the “Queen of Rap”. Alternatively, she only claims herself as being “The Biggest Diiamond”. This is one example of how she represents her uniqueness from other artists. Additionally, she chooses to use her individuality to express herself instead of fixating on sex to sell her music. As well as being her authentic self, Diamond has been successful with the help of her work ethic.
When asked about her success, Connie Diiamond had only one answer in mind: consistency. Staying consistent as an artist is the key component to success in the music industry. Releasing music regularly while maintaining the best quality songs allows listeners to appreciate the artist’s music more and simultaneously exposes the public to their…. music. During the interview, Diiamond recalled, “For me, I had a moment where I wasn’t always consistent. I realized I had better results when I was putting out music every day.” Though, consistency doesn’t always come easy.
Despite her inspiring work ethic, Diiamond’s self-journey of finding out her passion was unclear. She discussed with Mike Medium that she had self-doubts about pursuing a career in the music industry. She asked herself questions like: “Am I sure of this? Do I want to go down this route?” However, she noticed that every time she took a breather away from music, she was always drawn back in. From there on, she accepted her fate of being an artist and followed her path.
Remy Ma has been one of Diiamond’s most loved artists ever since she was young. As well as her music, Remy Ma’s passion and aggression were inspirational to young Diiamond. Consequently, Diiamond was influenced by that and expressed her own aggression through hip-hop, rap, and drill music. During the interview, she jokes about how being a May Taurus contributes to her aggressive side.
Keeping true to her word, Diiamond is on top of her game and has been consistently dropping hits. One newly released video that Ebro promoted on Apple Music is “Dance 4 U”. In addition to this, Diiamond recently released a freestyle with Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs” beat. Be sure to follow Connie Diiamond on her Instagram _conniediiamond to get updates on her new releases.