July 22, 2022

Conway Accepts Funk Flex’s Challenge, Drops ‘RIP Steve Smith’ Freestyle

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Conway Accepts Funk Flex’s Challenge, Drops ‘RIP Steve Smith’ Freestyle

Funk Flex and Conway the Machine put their issues aside and let the music speak for itself.

After Flex and Conway shared some words online, Funk Flex challenged Conway. He said he was going to send him a beat and give him one week to come up with some bars. Conway accepted Flex’s challenge and rapped over Biz Markie’s “Nobody Beats the Biz” beat, with his ‘RIP Steve Smith’ freestyle.

“Last week me and Conway had some words!” says Flex. “I sent him a track…He accepted the challenge and here we are! Rest in peace to Steve Smith! I thought it was right to name it that since Steve Smith was the creator of the all-day hip-hop format and this freestyle is hip-hop!”

Conway raps, “Look, I’m one of the illest new n***as they comin’ across/All the other ill n***as is everyone in my squad. Y’all better go do your homework assignments/N***a said he don’t fuck with us, do you know he was lying?”

Steve Smith, who the freestyle is named after- passed away earlier this month. Flex shared some heartfelt words about his relationship with the late Smith. He writes via Instagram, “STEVE SMITH PUT ME ON EVERYDAY, HE PUT ON RED ALERT 5PM EVERYDAY, ED LOVER DR DRE IN MORNINGS, MISS JONES, MONIE LOVE, ANGIE MARTINEZ BIG DENNIS, MARLEY MARL, MISTER MAGIC, PETE ROCK, STEPH LOVA AND SO MANY OTHERS! BY THE WAY HE ALSO CREATED SUMMER JAM! ( ALWAYS ASKED ME AND BUGSY FOR OUR OPINION ).”