December 5, 2020

DaBaby’s BM Meme Reacts To DaniLeigh Claiming DaBaby 

DaBaby’s BM Meme Reacts To DaniLeigh Claiming DaBaby 

“DaBaby to yall, my baby to me” is the vibes DaniLeigh is giving in her latest Instagram post.

Dani Leigh shared a picture of her and DaBaby, she’s holding a tight grip of him from behind and has her head rested on his back. In the caption, she said “my baby idc.” 

It didn’t take long for the mother of DaBaby’s daughter, who goes by the name Meme, to react. Meme hopped on her IG stories with some cryptic messages. In the first post, Meme put up a picture of her and DaBaby and said, “Was this a month ago.” In another post, she said, “‘I got the say so I called a quits. I prepare y’all for everything lol. Don’t let this sh*t go over ya heads.”

Take a look

Earlier this year, DaBaby and DaniLeigh sparked romance rumors. It wasn’t until Dani appeared on Artist Quarantine with our girl TT Torrez that she didn’t deny being with DaBaby. However, over the summer, DaniLigh posted a cryptic message, and fans were left to believe that she and DaBaby went their separate ways. 

They are seemingly back on, take a look: