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May 10, 2022

DaniLeigh Reveals Her Child's Name + Previews New Song, Seemingly About DaBaby

HOT News
DaniLeigh Reveals Her Child's Name + Previews New Song, Seemingly About DaBaby
DaniLeigh made her return to social media and shared something special with fans.
Dani shared a
of a new song called "My Side." It's seemingly about her last relationship with
, but it's not
or denied. Take a listen:
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In honor of Mother's Day,
revealed her daughter's name with DaBaby. It was also her first post in a while. In the reel, we see beautiful shots of Dani while she was pregnant. We also see her beautiful baby girl, who's name is Velour, according to the post. In the caption, she wrote,
"4 Velour can't believe I'm your mommy thank you for being the biggest blessing and giving me purpose! I love you, my lover girl @velourbabyleigh Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful moms today! It's your day."
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This is Dani's
. She welcomed her Babygirl in August, and the father is DaBaby. Unfortunately, three months after delivering, Dani and DaBaby had an
. Although the two would break up and makeup often, this situation seemed to be the last straw. "My Side" seems to address some of the drama.
In November last year, DaBaby shared a live video of DaniLeigh breastfeeding their child, and when she asked him why, DaBaby said, for his "
" They ended up arguing, and DaniLeigh swung on DaBaby, which led to her
with two counts of simple assault after DaBaby called the cops.
Earlier this year, Dani's brother, Brandon Bills, got into a massive brawl with DaBaby's crew at a California bowling alley. There was an investigation, but TMZ reports not anymore because Brandon stopped cooperating.
DaBaby tapped in with our girl TT Torrez and said he has
. Thoughts on "My Side," let us know!