October 10, 2018

Dave East & Styles P Talk w/ Funk Flex about Top5 MC’s, Today’s Sounds, & Early Bad Boy #WeGotaStoryToTell021

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Dave East & Styles P Talk w/ Funk Flex about Top5 MC’s, Today’s Sounds, & Early Bad Boy #WeGotaStoryToTell021

The Ghost, legendary Styles P, and the epitome of this generations bar for bars, Dave East dropped “Beloved” for the culture and now they stopped by to talk Who was really getting busy with bars, not just now but over time, that’s right it’s about that Top5 Dead or Alive!!!


Watch the 2hr interview:


First the mentioned Hoodie for the homeless, and didn’t want any ‘dirty stink hoodies’… Funk jumped right in after bigging up “beloved” and asked the guys who their Top5? Styles came with ‘it’s really top 20’, going into how if someone uses the mindset that there’s 20 spots, you can have a clearer view of who your top5 actually is, smart! Then we quickly got to a golden rule of real MC’ing, ‘If you had any help, automatically not in top5’, meaning NO Ghost writing(unless you’re ghost writing FOR Other PPL)… which lead a key point… IT’s a lot of diff ‘types of hip hop’ now, and we tend to put them all in the same basket, mainly as Styles says, ‘there’s hip hop, then there’s hip POP’, and the 2 should really count together. Then Styles broke down the ‘birth of the MC’, and how it was important to move the crowd in front of you in order to go and conquer bigger crowds and bigger crowds… which is how artist made their bones, but now a days it’s just expected or ‘you’re trash’, which is actually unfair to the current generation. Then we got to the first list of Top5’s for the night, who Styles looked up to as a starting MC: Kool G Kane KRS Rakim Buckshot which leads to how people have so many diff #5 spots on every Top5 list. They get to 2 or 3 more Top5 lists, including crew/movements. They got to some other key info, like how Styles felt about Benjamins and not being on it(if you don’t know, Benjamins is like one of the most well known hip hop songs of all time being it helped hip hop go pop(getting rock remixes and all that), but I don’t have the number off top and not googling rn(please do if you need). Funk Goes on to mention when Fat Joe came up and said Jada wasn’t Top5 dead or alive, and Styles answered it perfectly(yoked to watch to see). This whole 2plus hours should be a must watch if you’re a true fan of the culture so you can continue to understand together!